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Prodcut Name: Automatic Double Side Wet Glue Labeling Machine(WGL-2)
Place of Origin:China
Certification: ISO9001-CE
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  • Description :

    Glue labeling machine, in order to achieve rationalization of production target and design. Labeling process automation, simple operation, the production speed is quick, labeling position, beautiful, neat, For pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff trades etc circular vessels labeling.

    Working principle:

    The machine can packing different objects into labeling machine belt conveyor, by driving a bottle into the bottle conveying institutions, continuous motion by depending on fiber detected after bottle, photoelectric signal transmission to PLC, by PLC output signal processing will lose to the stepping motor, the standard of stepping motor, through the rolling institutions will stick son, tag labeling of objects by labeling machine conveyor belt into the next procedure or containers.Main machine running adopts stepping motor driver, sets of  PLC control system, sets of touch screen, keyence fiber  device etc imported components, gathers numerous leading technology, make it become the industry has the advantage of technology products.Microcomputer automatic control, interface screen friendly human-machine interface, ingenious mechanical structure, make the operation simple and powerful function, Can realize tag number, counting, set print control, labeling, lack of control, marking, colorless such abnormalities automatic detection and alarm functions, Random capacity and the quantity management label, Adjust tightness labels, The length and tags, Host height and adjust position before, Optional ribbon typewriter one, Labeling and tag with reaction degree detection.The machine adopts high-quality aluminum and stainless steel, well made, in conformity with the requirements of GMP.

  • Model no WGL-2
    Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
    Drive Shift Motor Driven
    Power 1750W
    Capacity 60-100PCS/MIN
    Bottle Diameter ¢55~110MM
    Precision +01MM(Subject to roundness and verticality of the bottle)
    Label Size Width :20-220mm /Length :80-370MM
    Dimension 2400×950×1200MM
    Weight 750KGS
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