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Prodcut Name: Tube Filling and Sealing Machine(TFSM-40)
Place of Origin:China
Certification: ISO9001-CE
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  • Description :

    This product is our company to introduce foreign advanced technology, combined with the requirements of GMP to optimize the design of the successful development of high-tech equipment.
    With reasonable structure, complete functions, convenient operation, accurate, stable operation, low noise and so on. Using PLC programmable controller to make the whole machine running procedure, from liquid to high viscosity fluid material (paste) to fill and end seal, to print the code number (including the production date), and so on. The cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, adhesives and so on industry aluminum pipe, plastic pipe, composite pipe filling and sealing ideal equipment, and comply with the requirements of GMP.
    Function characteristic

     1.The visual screen,combined the high grade liquid crystal display programming controller and the button,can fully grasp the device's stepless speed adjustment, parameter setting, output counting design, air pressure indicator, fault display, etc., so that the operation is simple and humanized.
    2.Automatic completion the whole process of supplying pipe, standard label, filling inert gas (optional), filling, end sealing, printing, finished products export.
    3.The high precision standard set label system,reduce the error range of the tube’s color mark.
    4.The external adjust position, can adjust fast, accurate (applicable to many specifications, multi species production).
    5.Machine, light, electricity, gas integration, to achieve automatic functions of no tube no filling, alarm of shortage tube supply & low air pressure & automatic display, automatic stop when open the protect door etc.
    6. The same machine can be equipped with different molds to achieve different specifications of metal pipe, plastic pipe, composite pipe filling and end sealing.

  • Model no TFSM-40
    Capacity 60PCS/MIN
    Filling volume 1-250ML
    Filling accuracy ≥99%
    Length of tube 50-200MM
    Diameter of tube 10-50MM
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